Custom Synthi CV Interface

Made by Steve Thomas (UK)

The above shows a new custom made VCS3 mkII module that Steve Thomas plans to make available in small quantities. Custom designed with hand made afrormosia hardwood case as in the original VCS3 and original synthi knobs/sockets/styling and custom engraved panels. Different knob colour options will be available.

More infos about the interface availibility and prices.


It was then last year in 2007 around this same time that I had an opportunity to buy a Synthi A Mk 1 from someone in NY. I was so excited when it finally arrived, it looked lovelier than the pictures, this being the first one I had ever seen in-person. My first reaction to the sound was that the oscillators seemed alive.. a pure sine wave with no treatment sounds like it could etch images in glass. Finally, this was the synth I had been looking for since I heard it’s sounds, almost subconsciously, in my youth on BBC programs…thank you BBC Radiophonic Workshop. End of story?? not quite…read more here (…)