“To Be Expected” (1974)

“To Be Expected” (1974) was the end-result of a whole series of movies: Psyche, Middeleeuwse Film, A Boy’s Ballad, Difficult Meeting in White Dress and more. All of them with the same subject: two people in a park or wood, standing, looking, having no physical or mental relation that can be clearly decided upon. To Be Expected features Hannah van Boeschoten and Jan Lemair, and the title seems to point at the inevitable demise of their, already fragile, relationship. The original soundtrack consists of the composition “Welcome Home, Satansboleet” opus 100 (1974), created with an EMS VCS 3 (the Synthi-A). A satansboleet, by the way, is a highly poisonous toadstool…

DIGITANA Electronics • SYNTHI HiFLi re-release

from digitana:

I am pleased to say I have negotiated with Robin Wood at EMS to re-release the HiFLi under License. The price for each re-release HiFLi unit (including pedals) will be £2000 + shipping. This price is a reflection of the many hours of build time each unit takes (this is not a glorified ‘stomp box’ and is closer in complexity to a Synthi A or a VCS3 than it is to any stompbox. Dont forget the original HiFLi sold for £350 in the early 1970’s which conservatively translates to about £3500 today.) They are extremely labour intensive to build. The number of units I will make to sell directly is 15. Any more than that or those units I may build for EMS to sell is not decided yet. I already have a current waiting list of 9 people. If you are interested in putting your name on the build list for one the remaining 6 then please email me. Its hard to predict the exact rate of production but i excpect to make about 8-10/year. [read more here…]

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