EMS Videosizer / The Putney

“This video was created by using an EMS Videosizer which is fed with musical information in order to produce and treat color, shape, lightness and contrast of the visual information.Pete Namlook is a purist. He never wanted to release a video with grinning musicians fuzzing around with their instruments or 3D animation which has not the timeless quality. More Important is the direct connection to the music.Visuals not as an explanation of the sound but more an enhancement and intensification of the overall musical experience. Operator at the machine was Ludwig Rehberg except Video 1 (Pete Namlook)”



Expand and preserve your beloved Synthi

“Many Synthi users dare not make mods because they’re afraid to depreciate their valuable instrument.

Is understandable, but is a pity because the mods wonderfully expand the Synthi and open doors to fantastic new sonic worlds. Here’s an idea I think is worth to be shared. I’m surprised no one else had it before.I did a few mods on my Synthis A MKI and AKS using push-pull pots instead of switches to avoid drilling holes in the panel. LEDs in the spare anti-rotation holes left by the original pots (push-pull ones are smaller) show that the mod is active when the knob is pulled. This makes the mods fully reversible and preserves the Synthi’s original appearance.”

Bob Ehle w/ EMS Synthi AKS

Bob Ehle plays his 1960s composition, “Split Metamorphosis,” on the Synthi AKS Synthesizer.

Bob Ehle plays his composition, “Hangar 84,” in his electronic music studio at the University of Northern Colorado. The clarinet is processed through a ring modulator in the Synthi AKS synthesizer visible in the background. Additional sound processing is done with an Echotron. The resulting waves may be seen on the oscilloscope on the left. Hangar 84 is where the remains of the Roswell incident are stored. Click here to watch the video!