UPDATE FEB 2011 : Production unit case built

Case measures 273 x 167 x 35 mm made from satin black abs. Choice of knob colour schemes (eg blue cap verniers) will be available.

Two VCO’s each built around the high spec Exar XR-2206 waveform generator IC. Each VCO features Sine and Triangle waves and ‘wave-folding’ (voltage controlled) that adds higher harmonics/distortion to each waveform for amazingly rich and varied timbres ..even unfiltered! Each VCO’s frequency is controllable via CV from either the Keyboard (which is also available to the matrix via Input Ch1) or the Sequencer CV (also available via matrix row 16) of the KS or ‘free running’, selectable via a 3-way toggle switch. Frequency range of the VCO’s is very wide, from LFO to high frequency audio.

orders/inquiries at DIGITANA ELECTRONICS


SYNTHI cv/gate interface design study for a TEKO/A5 case and DOEPFER blind panel 4TE/20mm. Maybe a few of them will see the light of day sometime soon.

DIGITANA Electronics • SYNTHI HiFLi re-release

from digitana:

I am pleased to say I have negotiated with Robin Wood at EMS to re-release the HiFLi under License. The price for each re-release HiFLi unit (including pedals) will be £2000 + shipping. This price is a reflection of the many hours of build time each unit takes (this is not a glorified ‘stomp box’ and is closer in complexity to a Synthi A or a VCS3 than it is to any stompbox. Dont forget the original HiFLi sold for £350 in the early 1970’s which conservatively translates to about £3500 today.) They are extremely labour intensive to build. The number of units I will make to sell directly is 15. Any more than that or those units I may build for EMS to sell is not decided yet. I already have a current waiting list of 9 people. If you are interested in putting your name on the build list for one the remaining 6 then please email me. Its hard to predict the exact rate of production but i excpect to make about 8-10/year. [read more here…]

DIGITANA electronics website

EMS SYNTHI 100 restoration

Working on the Dawe 3000A Frequency Counter:

It was decided to restore the ‘test equipment’ sections of the Synthi 100 first, as these items would prove very useful during the fault-finding and calibration of the rest of the instrument.

As it arrived the counter would power up and display a static row of random digits which did not change. Pressing the mode buttons would sometimes cause it to start counting, other times it would do nothing. One of the Nixie segments was missing from the 3rd display, and the left-most display always got stuck between 6 and 7.

The first task was to remove all the cards and clean the oxidisation from the edge connectors. Next, to clean the push switch contacts, and free-up the 2 stuck slider switches. After that, it worked rather more reliably. However there were still some issues to be resolved.


Custom Synthi CV Interface

Made by Steve Thomas (UK)

The above shows a new custom made VCS3 mkII module that Steve Thomas plans to make available in small quantities. Custom designed with hand made afrormosia hardwood case as in the original VCS3 and original synthi knobs/sockets/styling and custom engraved panels. Different knob colour options will be available.

More infos about the interface availibility and prices.

EMS Soundbeam in action

EMS Soundbeam Slave trigger the EMS Synthi AKS 80.
Click on the picture above to watch short video.