UPDATE FEB 2011 : Production unit case built

Case measures 273 x 167 x 35 mm made from satin black abs. Choice of knob colour schemes (eg blue cap verniers) will be available.

Two VCO’s each built around the high spec Exar XR-2206 waveform generator IC. Each VCO features Sine and Triangle waves and ‘wave-folding’ (voltage controlled) that adds higher harmonics/distortion to each waveform for amazingly rich and varied timbres ..even unfiltered! Each VCO’s frequency is controllable via CV from either the Keyboard (which is also available to the matrix via Input Ch1) or the Sequencer CV (also available via matrix row 16) of the KS or ‘free running’, selectable via a 3-way toggle switch. Frequency range of the VCO’s is very wide, from LFO to high frequency audio.

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