A great chance to own a piece of history, and a wonderful example of a classic instrument. This is Dr Peter Zinovieff’s own Synthi A, serial number 4016, which has been beautifully restored by Robin Wood at EMS in the last two months and is in perfect working order. Work done included replacing all three vernier knobs, servicing the joystick to make it a joy to use, and replacing eight pins with new ones – as well as getting it all up to Robin’s exacting specs. Four badly-done mods were removed. The case was also provided by Robin. The earliest Synthis often didn’t have cases, so Robin has spared one of his last few to make this instrument complete. It has a couple of repairs to the edge, visible if you look very closely at botom left and top right; and seems to have a small gap in the top left corner. But the metalwork and general condition is exceptional – see the photo. The main differences from the machine as designed are that the two main audio oscillators (VCO1 and VCO2) have had the stabilisation mod, and the input gain on channel one has been converted to a ten-turn pot – all very useful. Cosmetically it is very nice indeed, as evidenced by the photos. It will come with Dr. Zinovieff’s full written provenance (he believes this is the actual Synthi used in the ‘Every Picnic Needs a Synthi’ advert), and his signature on the instrument wherever you choose. In the composite photo is a picture of Robin Wood and Dr Zinovieff after the servicing was completed in September.